Where is the update? A technical developer update.

Where is the update?

Howdy, everyone! I know that this game has not had an update for over a year. I wanted to take the time to discuss the features I implemented, what is currently being implemented, and what future content to expect.

Regional Servers Across the World!

After the failure of implementing a different multiplayer framework into the game, I stuck with the original multiplayer framework. A downside to this is the restriction to a single 20 CCU (concurrent users) server, which doesn't allow many players to connect and play on the game. I decided to work on a workaround for this limitation and I have done that! The game will now have regional servers, each having 20 CCU whilst being scattered around the world.

The main intention of having regional servers is to allow players worldwide to choose the closest server to them and free up space for other regional servers to allow players from those regions to join the game.

If you want to know where the servers are located, this is the list.

  • North America
    • Washington D.C, United States (Eastern Side)
    • San José, United States (Western Side)
  • South America (Sao Paulo)
  • Europe (Amsterdam)
  • Russia
    • Khabarovsk (Eastern Side)
    • Moscow (Western Side)
  • Australia (Melbourne)
  • Asia (Singapore)

Extra game modes!

Coming to the game this update are two new game modes! One inspired by DeadTale and the other created from scratch. I am hoping these two new game modes can bring some more variety to the game and help relieve boredom if any other mode becomes stale or you're not interested.

Violent Tag

Violent Tag is, clearly, inspired by DeadTale's original game mode by the same name. You and 4 other players must gather enough souls that are scattered across the area to be able to capture players. Capture enough players to win the game!

This game mode will contain a few achievements that can only be gained from public game matches. Yes, there are private game matches. If you choose to play in a private game match, then achievements will be disabled and you will not be able to earn them.

House Designer

Create your own living space! Now, you will be able to create your own home in the game! There may be a limited amount of furniture to choose from. Though, you can expect more to come in later updates!

When you create your new home, you can publish it onto the servers of Game Jolt and give players a code to check out your home! Want friends to join you and see it for themselves? You are able to host game sessions and allow friends to join your session! You and your friends can roam around your house and, maybe, even role-play.

Wait, wasn't there another game mode?

If you asked this question, you might be referring to "Dust by Daylight". An upcoming game mode that will arrive in a later update. Just like the name is referencing, the game mode will be inspired by Dead by Daylight. DeadTale does have something like this, though I plan to make Dust by Daylight more similar to Dead by Daylight. This will include game mechanics such as skill checks, hooks (which will be soul extractors in-game), perks, and other mechanics! It'll be like Undertale and Dead by Daylight collaborated!

Introducing the Nexus network!

Inspired by UNDERNET from "UNDERTALE: Don't Forget", Nexus network is made to show what is happening across all servers of the game and allow you to chat with other players in the same region as you who are also on the network. Not only could you chat with players and view activities, you could also send in status messages! Five status messages can be shown at once. Older messages will be deleted.

As a little extra feature, low-fidelity (LoFi) music will be available within Nexus network with potentially new music added without requiring to download any game updates! The music are hosted on a server which the game client downloads to play within the Nexus network!

What? What is the point of this?

I know there is not much of a point to having Nexus network exist within the game, though I am planning on expanding the functionality of the Nexus network in the future. What will it be? I am not sure myself. Who knows, though? It might be something awesome.

Future Content

I am planning to implement potentially two more game modes! One of the game modes, that has already been announced, is "Dust by Daylight"! Another game mode that will be original!

Dust by Daylight

Dust by Daylight pits 4 players against a killer. In a nutshell, Dust by Daylight will be like "Dead by Daylight" but UNDERTALE-themed and with some game mechanics changed to make the 2D experience smooth. There will be many game mechanics that will be taken from "Dead by Daylight" and implemented into this game mode. More information about this game mode will be announced soon.

"The Original Game Mode"

This "Original Game Mode" will be a collection of UNDERTALE-themed mini-games with the last player to lose a mini-game winning the game! Alternatively, there will be a single-player mode that will give you three lives and you have to complete mini-games as long as possible or until you win a certain amount of mini-games.

If you're interested in what kind of mini-games will be available to play, here's a list of the names!

  • Guess the Character
  • Collect the Souls
  • Survive the Attack
  • Remember the Pattern
  • and more!

Closing message

Well... I hope this developer update gives you more hope for the upcoming update arriving soon! If you have any questions about this update that you wanna know, please do leave them in the comments section! I read everything y'all leave in there!

I have no date for when the update will be released on, but I'll admit that this update might not have been worth the one year waiting for... Despite that, I hope that when this update becomes available, everyone will enjoy it!

Stay determined!